Understanding the
Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Understanding the Water-Energy-Food Nexus and its Implications for Governance
Scientific Forum, 15.-16.06.2016 Osnabrück, Germany

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Prof. Dr. Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Planning Committee & Professor for resources management at Osnabrück University.

Dr. Anik Bhaduri

Executive Director of the Sustainable Water Future Programme (SWFP). Background in environment and natural resource economics, specialized in water resource management. He has worked on several topics and projects, ranging from transboundary water sharing to adaptive water management under climate change.

Prof. Dr. Antje Bruns

Antje is holding a full professorship for Sustainable Development and Governance at Trier University where she is head of the junior research group WaterPower.
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Holm Voigt

Holm is geographer by training holding a Diplom from the University of Bonn where he currently is Junior Researcher at the Center for Development Research (ZEF). Homepage

Katharina Butke

Planning Committee

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