16. May 2016

A1: Integrated Nexus Modelling at Global Scale

Workshop A1: Integrated Nexus Modelling at Global Scale

Chaired by Joseph Alcamo

Session report

Presenting speakers :

Simon Langan: Asian water futures - Multi scenarios, models and criteria assessment
Animesh Gain: Integrated assessment of synergies and tradeoffs of global challenges through nexus approach at global, national and local scales
Vera Heck: Opportunities and trade-offs of terrestrial carbon dioxide removal within planetary boundaries
Jan Janse: Modelling of aquatic ecosystem services related to global environmental change by a global modelling framework
Anne Biewald: The impact of climate change mitigation on water demand for energy and food

Organizational Details:

Target audience: We invite interested participants from all disciplines and at all career stages specially early stage PhD student and postdocs.
Date and time: Jun 15th, 13:30 – 15:15
Location: ZUK, Osnabrück, Room 3


  • Joseph Alcamo