16. May 2016

A2: Unsustainable Pathways and Leverage Points

Workshop  A2: Unsustainable Pathways and Leverage Points

Chaired by Antje Bruns

Session report

Presenting speakers :

Johannes Halbe: The Role of Sustainability Innovations in the Governance of the W-E-F Nexus
Jalal Mirnezami: Escaping the trap of short-termism to take the Nexus approach: Exiting from the water crisis in Iran
Jens Newig: Leverage points for sustainability transformation in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus – Institutional perspectives
Patricia Romero-Lankao: UrbanizatioN, Security of Food-Energy-Water Nexus and ExtreMe HazArd RiSKs (UNMASK)
Annika Weiss: Integrated Modelling and complex interdependencies

Organizational Details:

Target audience: We invite interested participants from all disciplines and at all career stages specially early stage PhD student and postdocs.
Date and time: Jun 15th, 13:30 – 15:15
Location: ZUK, Osnabrück, Room 2


  • Antje Bruns