Academy on Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Implications for Governance

Aims and Objectives

The Academy on the Water‐Energy‐Food Nexus gives motivated young PostDoc scholars the chance to work on
individual research proposals on critical aspects on the WEF, while interacting with senior researchers in the
thematic area of interest. This one‐week intensive Academy for PostDoc Researchers follows the Symposium
on Water‐Energy‐Food Nexus and Implications for Governance held in Osnabrück. The Academy is financially
supported by the DFG (German Research Foundation).
We will bring together senior and leading scientists and early career researchers with a diversity of
perspectives on WEF Governance to identify top priority questions for research proposals on the topic. We
encourage the development of mentoring relationships between early career researchers and senior scientists
who engage in a collaborative partnership during the implementation of successful research projects and may
also serve as host organization.

Thematic scope

In line with the objectives of the Symposium, the Academy covers interrelated thematic areas of interest in the
Nexus: It is essential to critically study the linkages between the scientific basis and policy relevant conditions.
The academy supports proposals that aim to research governance issues in the nexus, to enhance the empirical
knowledge base, foster comparative case study analyses and advance innovative governance frameworks. Early
career scientists will work together with experienced experts and fellow researchers to prepare a proposal for
DFG funding for their own projects on one of the academy themes:
1. Understanding complex interdependencies in the nexus
2. Governance of the nexus
3. Innovations in the nexus
4. Science‐Policy Interface in the nexus

Who can apply?

The Academy is open to post‐doctoral researchers interested in the collaboration between the social and the
natural sciences in the field of WEF‐Nexus and interested to submit a research proposal to the DFG (You need a
doctoral degree for submitting the final proposal to the DFG which criteria are foremost to fund excellence
science). More information on the DFG

Application Process for the Academy

Please send your application – including a short motivation letter, CV with publication list and a brief outline
(about 2 pages) of your intended research project to wef@uni‐ by 15th of July 2016. We inform
you by the end of July if your application has been successful.
Please also indicate with whom (host institution and scholar) you like to collaborate and if exchange has
already taken place.

Date of the Academy

Academy: 04.‐08.October 2016
With successful applicants we will have a webinar in August.


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