16. May 2016

B1: Capturing complex Interdependencies through Modelling

Workshop B1: Capturing complex Interdependencies through Modelling

Chaired by Jiagou Qi

Session report

Presenting speakers :

Mohamad Al-Saidi: Towards Understanding the Integrative Approach of the Water, Energy Food Nexus
Rosella Devito: System dynamic modelling to evaluate water-energy-food Nexus at local scale
Sandra Venghaus: From a few assessment tools to a FEW assessment tool – a modular, stakeholder-based framework for the integrated assessment of the food, energy, water nexus
Dale Rothman: The Challenges of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Integrated Modeling
Peter Burek: Looking at the spatial and temporal distribution of global water availability and demand

Organizational Details:

Target audience: We invite interested participants from all disciplines and at all career stages specially early stage PhD student and postdocs.
Date and time: Jun 15th, 15:45 – 17:30
Location: ZUK, Osnabrück, Room 2


  • Jiagou Qi