16. May 2016

C3: The Nexus in Transboundary Basin Governance

Workshop C3: The Nexus in Transboundary Basin Governance

Chaired by Lars Ribbe

Session report

Presenting speakers :

Anik Bhaduri: Water Energy Food Nexus in the Amu Darya basin, Central Asia
Eline Boelee: Challenges for basin organisations in governing the water-energy-food nexus
Ines Dombrowsky: Governing the Water-Energy Nexus related to hydropower on international rivers: what role for river basin and regional energy organizations?
Mahsa Motlagh: Prospect of trans-boundary cooperation among Eastern Nile riparian countries

Organizational Details:

Target audience: We invite interested participants from all disciplines and at all career stages specially early stage PhD student and postdocs.
Date and time: Jun 16th, 10:30 – 12:15
Location: ZUK, Osnabrück, Room 3


  • Lars Ribbe