16. May 2016


Wednesday, 15. & Thursday, 16. June 2016

Location: ZUK Osnabrueck, An der Bornau 2, D-49090 Osnabrück.

Registration: The deadline has lapsed. We look forward to seeing all confirmed participants in Osnabrueck soon. Your WEF-Forum Team

Programme overview
Workshop A1: Integrated Nexus Modelling at Global Scale
Workshop A2: Unsustainable Pathways and Leverage Points
Workshop A3: Nexus approaches in Land-Water-Energy Interactions
Workshop B1: Capturing complex Interdependencies through Modelling
Workshop B2: Participatory Planning and Local Governance
Workshop B3: The Role of the Nexus in the Implementation of the SDGs
Workshop C1: Politicization and Securization of the Nexus
Workshop C2: Network approaches to study the Nexus
Workshop C3: The Nexus in Transboundary Basin Governance
Workshop D1: Modelling the Nexus: Case Studies
Workshop D2: The Role of Ecosystem Services in Governing the Nexus
Workshop D3: Policy Coherence and Multi-Level Nexus Governance

WEF forum programme (Version: 10 June 2016)
Download full programme as pdf here