7. June 2016

Keynote – Wolfram Mauser

The Water-Food-Energy Nexus in the Infomation Age: old Challenges, new Opportunities
Wolfram Mauser

Two recent developments demonstrate that the information age hits environmental sciences and turns it from a data sparse into a data rich science: 1) the establishment of an operational high-resolution, frequent repeat system of satellite based remote sensing instruments, which create unseen amounts of data on the global environment waiting to be turned into information. 2) the development of high-performance computing which may allow to overcome classical scale issues by allowing to synchronously exploring the very small and the very big as well as their interactions. Though the challenges of the WFE-Nexus remain these developments open up new opportunities to explore the nexus and find foster a deeper spatial understanding of the underlying interactions. The keynote will explore these new opportunities for WFE-Nexus research.