10. June 2016

Outlook Session – Thorsten Kiefer

Co-designing a Future Earth flagship activity on the Food-Energy-Water Nexus
Thorsten Kiefer & Sandrine Paillard, Future Earth Secretariat, Global Hub in Paris, France

Future Earth had identified the delivery of water, energy and food for all as one of eight key societal challenges. To that effect, a Knowledge-Action Network was launched dedicated specifically on the topic of the Food-Water-Energy nexus on better understanding interactions between water, energy and food systems and how synergies and trade-offs among them can be better managed. The Knowledge-Action Network is a collaborative initiative building on the knowledge and expertise contained in several of Future Earth’s Core Projects and in its Cluster Activity on Sustainability for water, energy, and food. As a first step, the agenda for this initiative is co-designed through a participatory process where scientists and societal actors jointly identify key knowledge gaps and demands, and explore how to best produce and share knowledge for solving issues of concern to societies.